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The beautiful village of Hout Bay, CT, SA

Hout Bay is the place we at Volunteering Cape Town call home.

We live here, we work here, we climb the mountains here, walk our dogs on these beaches and we eat the food produced in this valley. We sail our  yachts or working fishing vessels from the little harbour and we stop on the corners to speak to strangers and ask them how their day is going. If someone spots a stray dog or cat who looks lost, they’re more than likely to take it home and post a pic on the Hout Bay FaceBook page. The errant pet is invariably returned to a relieved owner. In some cases, we are even on familiar terms with each other’s pooches. We are passionate about our little Bay, and particularly passionate about all those who call it home.

Volunteering Cape Town is dedicated to making Hout Bay a better place for all who live in it. A stunning, incredibly beautiful place to live work, and play, Hout Bay is also a place of hunger, suffering, disease and abuse to some who live here. Basic education, basic human rights are not a given in this bay. These people, the hungry, the desperate, the sick, these are our reason to be. We believe in social justice, human rights and, importantly, we believe that education will go a long way towards ensuring that the future is bright for all those who live in Africa.



Hout Bay needs helping hands, and this is our invitation to you: make them yours. Have a look through our site. We hope you’ll get an idea of us, our environment, the folks you may meet, and what you can expect should you visit. There’s a unique African beauty to be felt, experiences to cherish for a lifetime, camaraderie, and just good old happy times to be had. They are all waiting here for you, all you have to do is grab them. But most of all there are smiles. South Africans tend to smile a lot, no matter what. Smiles you will take with you when you leave, but perhaps more importantly, the smiles you are sure to leave behind.



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