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Young African kids are so happy despite their difficult circumstances

Early Childhood Development Centre

From 2 weeks: $ 495

What does the price include?

This is a nursery school for children aged 1-5 years, located in the traditional fisherman’s village community of Hangberg. This community has been ravaged by drug and alcohol addiction and abuse and its children have suffered the results, such as physical abuse and neglect. Many of these children have parents who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or both.

Duration Options

The minimum duration for this project is 2 weeks. We can hand craft a package just for you if you wish. Stay 2 weeks, 3 weeks … we find the optimal duration is from 4 weeks upwards, but having said that, we will take all the help we get. All hands on deck!

  • .What you'll be doing

  • -Reading

  • -Writing

  • -Teaching

  • -Playtime

  • -Supervising

The school is often the only place of safety for these children as they have nowhere else to go during the day. Besides providing a safe, nurturing environment for the children, the major function of the centre is to prepare them for primary school. The centre caters for children from ages 1 – 5, with separate classes for the different age groups. The teachers here are under tremendous pressure, as there is typically only 1 teacher for a class of 25 or more.

They can use all the help they can get. Whether it is reading to the children, teaching them a song or just playing with them on the jungle gym, your extra set of hands would be of great value to both teachers and children alike.

  • The Vision

  • The centre has the following VISION: To provide a service that will support parents in the community and give a good, quality education and loving care to the children.


  • We pledge that all our members will serve our community’s children and parents in the most effective way we know how. We will protect, love and educate those in our care. We will strive to uplift the lives and environment of our children.

  • One of the great challenges the Centre faces is that of burglary.

  • Thieves have found it easy, for example to break into the playground at night and steal the wood on the jungle gyms. Rebuilding and replacing these as well as strengthening and installing new fences is another area where volunteers are able to help. The centre is also in dire need of necessities such as crayons, paper, pens, books and any other kind of stationary, so if you would like to bring these with, please do, they would be most appreciated.

    The Centre is open from 7-30 am to 4 pm with an hour for lunch.

  • Full Price List for 2017

  • 2 Weeks $495

    3 Weeks $750

    4 Weeks $1195

    6 Weeks $ 1495

    8 Weeks $ 1895

    Additional Week $ 195

    We’d love to see more of you! Please inquire for longer stays.