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Young African kids are so happy despite their difficult circumstances

Daycare Center for Preschoolers

From 1 Week $ 495

What does the price include?

This project aims to provide support, care and love to the children of Imizamu Yetu, a community that faces many challenges on a daily basis. Volunteers play an important role here, whether it be teaching, mealtime, playtime or simply loving and interacting with the kids. They find this experience hugely rewarding – making a difference in a small child’s life in a positive way is likely to shape that child’s future for years to come. Volunteers often say that their experience with these bright, boisterous children have a profoundly positive effect on their own lives, long after they have said goodbye to the people of sunny South Africa.

At a glance:

  • The minimum duration for this project is 2 weeks
  • The minimum age is 18 years
  • Love-ometer rating (amount of love generated by volunteer/child interaction) is 8/10
  • Requirements: Police clearance certificate (this is obtainable at your local police station)
  • Project hours: 9 am -12:30 pm
  • The project runs from Monday to Friday between, 1 February and 30 November

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  • Price List for 2018


    1 Week $ 495

    2 Weeks $ 795

    4 Weeks $ 1295

    8 Weeks $ 2195

    We’d love to see more of you! Please inquire for longer or tailor made stays stays.

  • Volunteers have the following duties, amongst others:

    • Assisting children when they arrive to begin the day
    • Help with breakfast, supervise eating during snack and lunch time
    • Help brushing teeth
    • Assist the teachers in daily class creative activities
    • Prepare fruit and juice or tea for the children
    • Supervise outside play in the playground
    • Assist with songs, games and books
    • Assist with sleep time, preparing classroom for rest time
    • Assist in the kitchen where necessary
    • Assist with art, music or physical science
    • Provide special attention with English, writing, drawing, maths or general schoolwork where necessary.
  • Volunteer requirements and characteristics

    • Genuine love for and interest in children
    • Patience, tolerance and respect towards children
    • A fun and light attitude without complications.
    • Agility and energy to engage in physical child play
    • Willingness to work closely with teacher – remembering that the teacher is in charge and the volunteer is assisting her.  The teacher is ultimately responsible for the children in her care.
    • Stress-resilience
  • The project aims to fulfill the following needs:

    • Respond to the high demand for pre-primary education and childcare in South Africa
    • Provide children with balanced nutrition
    • Offer reliable childcare thus freeing up parents to enter the workforce
    • Create employment within the community
    • Teach children English and personal hygiene


    PLEASE NOTE: Police clearance is necessary for this project. We need to vet all volunteers, due to the sensitive nature of caring for children. If you would like more information or assistance on this, please let us know and we’ll help out.

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